Expanded Program on Immunization
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

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Philippines EPI Milestones

 This site is under construction... Gloria Raut The functions and operations of the DOH was directed to become consistent with the provisions of Administrative Code 1987 and RA 7160 through Executive Order 102. The Health Sector Reform Agenda of the Philippines, 1999-2004 was launched. The reforms are: provide fiscal autonomy to government hospitals; secure funding for priority health programs; promote the development of local health systems and ensure its effective performance; strengthen the capacities of health regulatory agencies and expand coverage of the National Health Insurance Programs. National Objectives for Health 1999-2004 was launched. This states the Philippines objectives for the eradication and control of infectious diseases commonly affecting our people, major chronic illnesses and injuries that compromise lives of the productive sector. It encourages promotion of healthy lifestyle and health-seeking behaviors to prevent or control certain debilitating illness and life-threatening diseases


This site is under construction...


Policies are the decisions taken by the Academy in relation to the scientific principles and practice of immunization.


The Academy expects the members to implement the policies routinely in their day to day practice adhering to instructions regarding immunization schedule, cold chain management, disease survelance etc.

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